Hindsight: What I Now See

I discovered this post in my drafts, where it had lingered for three years. It helped me remember the creativity and goodness in God's plans, so I'm sharing it in the hope that it will encourage someone else. I recently caught a view that took my breath away. It was on a hike (I still … Continue reading Hindsight: What I Now See

No Choice in the Matter

"What made you choose that?" The question made me smile. The gentleman next to me didn't ask it in a rude way. Maybe because I don't seem like someone who'd be interested in the textile mill industry in late-1800s Philadelphia, he genuinely wanted to know why I'd chosen it for the background of my story. … Continue reading No Choice in the Matter

My Life Hasn’t Been Normal Since

When I was eight, I took up a dull pencil and a steno pad I'd been using for drawings, and I began my first short story. While I don't remember much about the story's premise, I do remember being surprised. Never before had I felt the thrill of creating characters, plot, and setting and making … Continue reading My Life Hasn’t Been Normal Since