jem_53152In the fifteen years since Meagan first took up the pen professionally, she’s served as lead editor for a flash fiction magazine, graduated from the Craftsman level of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, done numerous freelance projects, judged contests and finalized in others. She is a regular contributor for Lifeway’s Journey magazine, a communications associate by trade, and scribbler by nature.

She’s a night owl and coffee enthusiast (those two things are probably linked), and she rarely says no to an adventure (unless it involves getting up super early, breaking the law, or any similarly disagreeable experience). Her dream is to travel to as many countries as possible to gather and tell the stories of what God is doing in the lives of his people.

A dozen facts about Meagan:

  • A former barista, she can draw a fern better with steamed milk than she can with a pencil.
  • You’ll never find her hokey-pokeying in the fast lane. Or the slow lane. Or hokey-pokeying at all.
  • She stares out windows. A lot. (It’s one of her job description as a writer.)
  • There are pilgrims, presidents, and pyromaniacs in her ancestry.
  • She’d crossed the equator and international date line at least eight times before she was 25.
  • Her favorite authors are Lynn Austin and Charlotte Bronte.
  • The glass if half full. She has logic to back her up.
  • She’s twelfth generation American.
  • She enjoys editing as much as writing.
  • She prefers flannel over silk.
  • After nine p.m., she turns into a philosopher.
  • Her dream vacation is to see Europe one coffee shop at a time.