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Latest Articles

  • The Top 5 Authors Who Inspire Me
    Behind every writer are stacks of books as tall as they are. These books were authored by people who touched the writer, either in-person, in the written form, or both. Creativity inspires creativity, and so I believe it’s important toContinue reading “The Top 5 Authors Who Inspire Me”
  • Rebellious Hope
    Jane Marczewski, in a tweet, once said, “Some people will call it ‘blind denial’ but I prefer to call it rebellious hope.” This, said by a woman who had a 2% chance of overcoming cancer. Who had a million dreams to live for. Who inspired just as many people with her golden buzzer performance of her original song, “It’s Okay.”
  • Setting Off Toward Home
    Three years ago to the day, I was carting a U-haul to Oklahoma, my would-be home. Not knowing a soul there, apart from the people I’d interviewed with at my new job, I remember setting off into the sunrise andContinue reading “Setting Off Toward Home”
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