A lifelong word-wrangler, Meagan trained under bestselling authors like Jerry B. Jenkins and DiAnn Mills, studying both fiction and non-fiction.

When most people her age were getting married or pursuing master’s degrees, Meagan was spending her twenties haunting writers conferences, learning from mentors, and pitching her writing. During her time as the editor of a flash fiction magazine, she discovered a love for helping writers strengthen their craft.

Today, she is a contributing writer for Lifeway’s Journey devotional, a communications associate, and a freelance writer. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You can follow her via email or social media.

“The best stories are the ones that make us dissatisfied with a mediocre existence.”

Meagan Briggs

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Rebellious Hope

Jane Marczewski, in a tweet, once said, “Some people will call it ‘blind denial’ but I prefer to call it rebellious hope.” This, said by a woman who had a 2% chance of…

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Setting Off Toward Home

Three years ago to the day, I was carting a U-haul to Oklahoma, my would-be home. Not knowing a soul there, apart from the people I’d interviewed with at my new job, I…

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Hindsight: What I Now See

I discovered this post in my drafts, where it had lingered for three years. It helped me remember the creativity and goodness in God’s plans, so I’m sharing it in the hope that…

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