What Moving Has Taught Me About Living

Moving can teach a thing or two about life. I've seen a fair share of new addresses. While there are military and missionary families that have much higher stats than I do, I've moved abroad twice and lived in rental houses, permanent homes, guest houses, basements, and campers. And as I'm in the middle of … Continue reading What Moving Has Taught Me About Living

When God’s Dreams are Yours

It was the sort of question I hated. I took a sip of my latte as I formulated an answer. What would I like to be doing two years from now? Hmm. The person across the table asking the question meant well. Perhaps the opportunity she wanted to lay out would be something I'd like … Continue reading When God’s Dreams are Yours

Over at WRW today…

My post "The Melody Between Words" is featuring on When Readers Write today. Hope you can stop by! While you're there, take a look at some of the other posts by WRW's authors. The group blog has been up and running since the beginning of April, and there's a great variety of topics for readers and writers alike. If you stop by, … Continue reading Over at WRW today…

One Part Calling, Another Part Compulsion

Not long ago, someone asked why I chose to pursue writing. Responses for how, when, and where came to mind, but why was more elusive. After a moment's consideration, the only way I could describe it was: "It was one part calling, another part compulsion." Eric Liddell, portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire, said, "I believe … Continue reading One Part Calling, Another Part Compulsion

It’s That Time Again

Tomorrow--can it really be?--I'll be winging my way to Colorado Springs for the Writing for the Soul conference. I'm so excited to learn, network, and meet up with friends. If you've never been to a writer's conference, it's a paradoxical thing that wears you thin and fills you to overflowing at the same time. Before I'd … Continue reading It’s That Time Again