The Green Behemoth

Now that I’ve moved out, I can share this story publicly.

There I was, on the porch of my new second-story apartment, trying to heave all 8’3″ of my green couch through a very narrow entrance. My dad was on the other end, and together we were doing everything we could to defy geometry.

It was never going to fit. With a sigh, I plunked my head against the pea-soup green fabric. It was the end of the road for Green Behemoth and me.

In that moment, my mind traced the miles I’d brought GB, clear back to South Dakota…. Continue reading “The Green Behemoth”

What Moving Has Taught Me About Living

Moving can teach a thing or two about life.

I’ve seen a fair share of new addresses. While there are military and missionary families that have much higher stats than I do, I’ve moved abroad twice and lived in rental houses, permanent homes, guest houses, basements, and campers. And as I’m in the middle of a move right now, I’ve been reflecting on my last five years in this town and on all the moves I’ve ever done.

One thing I’ve realized: while it’s the time in between moves when we do our living, the moving process can show us how we’ve lived.

Here are the top ten things moving has taught me about living: Continue reading “What Moving Has Taught Me About Living”