Peace and War: a Tale of Three Mice

It began with a rustling in the walls. Then glimpses out the corner of my eye.

Then I saw one.

A mouse. In. My. Kitchen.

I went on red alert and did…well, pretty much nothing. I considered telling the apartment office that I had mice, but I just figured they would charge me pet rent.

So, I covered my butter, swept up my crumbs, and figured I’d live and let live. The uninvited guests didn’t worry me, and really, since I didn’t have any traps, I didn’t feel like making a special trip to the high-scale dollar store. (Did you know you can’t get out of there without paying $1.08? I mean, what kind of false advertising is that?)

And then came the day I found craters in my taters. Continue reading “Peace and War: a Tale of Three Mice”