The End (There’s More series, pt. 9)

I’ve decided, here at the end of 2017, to wrap up the “There’s More” series.

But the journey isn’t ending—just the blog posts.

This series began with hope, and it’s ending with hope. It began with a life-long desire to understand God’s love. At times throughout the series, especially when life got messy, that goal was not at the forefront of my mind. But it seems like the less I’ve blogged about there being more, the more I’ve witnessed it. I haven’t posted consistently because I wanted this series to come from the overflow. I didn’t want my posts to be dry words from a dry heart. Honestly, for most of 2017, I’ve been churning with more questions than answers.  Continue reading “The End (There’s More series, pt. 9)”

The Empty Inkwell: Changing and Returning Soon

The-Empty-InkwellYou may or may not have noticed an absence of posts here of late. And for that, I refer to my May 21st post, “When the Words Won’t Come.”

A lot of things were happening at once for me, and I had to let some aspects of writing go in order to keep my focus and prevent complete burnout. I needed a break in order to refill so that I could continue to pour out.

In the future, The Empty Inkwell will have a new post once or twice a month. (Wouldn’t want to get tired of TEI, now would we?) Some people enjoy predictability—I do too, to a point—but right now, I’m putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Continue reading “The Empty Inkwell: Changing and Returning Soon”

If You Enjoy Reading and/or Writing…

Exciting news! A group of writers and I have put together a new blog for fellow word addicts. When Readers Write will feature author interviews, short stories, book giveaways, glimpses into our writing lives, and oodles more.

Out of the ten of us behind When Readers Write, we’ve got a lot of fiction genres covered–from suspense to historical. I’ll be discussing speculative fiction, books, and all things literary over coming Tuesdays.

I’m eager for you to meet some of my writer friends! Stop by When Readers Write and feel free to subscribe, comment, and share.

The Pen is in Hand

Starting a blog feels like opening a fresh journal on New Year’s Day. Everything ahead is full of unknowns. The starkness of the empty pages is exciting, but also daunting. What will each entry hold?

I wish I could hold this blog in my hand and flip through the blank pages, imagining all that will fill it and hoping it will be everything I picture.

The Empty Inkwell is unlimited. And not just by page number or binding. While the main focus will be about most things literary, it is not bound to that. As a writer, though I’m often contained behind my desk, I go where my words take me. That could be ten thousand miles away or to the untouched places within. I hope this blog will be as limitless as the long arm of the written word.

Join me, and let’s turn a new page.