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It was as if an old version of me stood before the current me, whispering a lesson I’d forgotten.

I was kneeling next to my bookcase, an old Bible study guide in my lap. Moments before, out of nowhere, I’d gotten the overwhelming urge to clear through my bookcase. I’d pulled all the donatable books two weeks ago, but today, I’d decided that wasn’t enough; I had to get rid of some others. They wouldn’t be donated, just put out of sight.

Even though I was being rather fast and furious in my “everything, be gone” spree, there was one book I had the urge to flip through. I’d been doing shockingly well not flipping (as book lovers are often wont to do), but I couldn’t resist this urge as I held the old Bible study guide, even though it evoked bittersweet feelings.

If I started flipping, dozens of packed-away memories would waft out of the pages. So I just lifted the cover.

And that was all it took.

There, on the title page, I found a hand-written note I don’t remember writing:

“When life is spiraling downward, I’ve come to see it’s then that we’re inching toward His will.”

Oh, the coincidence! Here I was sorting through an already organized bookcase, because getting rid of things is how I cope when I feel like life is spiraling out of control.

Maybe you’re in a spiraling season. Maybe life feels like a car that’s spinning out of control after having been T-boned. Have you ever noticed that at such times, things we thought were constants drop by the wayside? Centrifugal force seems to take over and send flying anything not anchored with a five-ton weight.

Quick heart-on-my-sleeve moment, here: I’m presently in a spinning season. But you know what’s amazing? Everything I once turned to that has now gone flying has made room for more of God in my life, which is what I’ve prayed for. Since last posting that I needed to seek the God who is love and not just the love of God alone, I’ve learned so much about faith and trust, but most of all, that nothing is constant but Him and what He says.

I’m beginning to see that life and our journey with God is one big spiral. But it’s an upward spiral, ever closer to Him.

When I was done clearing my books, that packed bookcase was down to only 1/4 of what had been there. Now, I have shelves and shelves of opportunities.


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