Father God,

Here at the end of the year, I want to thank You for opening my heart more this year than any other. Looking back, Lord, it has been a year with a smile for every tear.

In these twelve months, You’ve led me through so much, emphasizing one theme in particular: for some hearts to be opened, they need to be broken. Shattered by love so love could shine in and through.

How can it be that, while I’ve never felt more shattered, I’ve never been more whole? Perhaps I never saw clearly before, and perhaps I’ve never leaned on You so much before.

Here near the close of one of the happiest and hardest years of my life, I am at the end of myself, right where I ought to be. You brought me here, and I’m thankful. I wouldn’t want to walk the path again, yet I know there’s much more to trod. So I take Your hand once more, put my trust in Your love and wisdom, and wait to see what’s next. Because I now know that where You are, there’s so much more.




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