ID-10013026As I write, I’m a week out from the day this is will post. Looking ahead at the calendar, I see that that Monday I will be a thousand miles from where I now sit and will be getting ready to hit the road again as I start a temporary job on the home school convention circuit.

There’s no telling what this spring has in store, nor when I’ll be coming home, or what I’ll do when I get back. 2015 has already cracked up to be a year of taking one uncertain step at a time.

Ah, uncertainty. Is there anyone who does not crave some sort of stability? There are days I wish my whole life were outlined and scheduled down to my last breath just so I could at least think I’m certain of where I’m going. Then other days, my greatest solace is that I have no idea what tomorrow holds.

But lately I’ve seen that one of the joys of uncertainty is being surprised by how, when, and where God shows up. You know… The moments that leave you stunned and thanking Him. The moments we remember most vividly, and the times we look back at as milestones in our faith. I love moments like those and often wish for more of them…until I realize they are generally prefaced by seasons of great uncertainty.

  • At the seasons I was most alone, God provided friends.
  • When I needed a job the most, He provided an unlikely one that worked perfectly with my weird schedule.
  • When I didn’t know what was causing my pain, He revealed the source…and provided an antidote.

As a friend of mine often quotes, “God is never late, but He’s rarely early.” I think most of us who have walked with Him a while can testify to that. But when He does reveal Himself, He’s never stingy with love and grace.

And I’m only just starting to see the truth of this whole concept. Who knows what the coming weeks hold, but like everyone, I’m called only to the take the next step. With Him.

It just works. When you think about it, it’s its own form of stability.

What about you? When has a season of uncertainty lead you to see God more clearly?

5 thoughts on “When There’s Just No Tellin’

  1. All I know is when you are gone, there is a void.. now I know where you are, but not for long.Which chapter is this?


  2. So many great thoughts in this, Meagan! Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Love that line: “You know… The moments that leave you stunned and thanking Him.”

    All so true!

    Seasons of uncertainty… I’ve been there, done that! 😉 It can be a huge part of the Christian life, I think. Great question there at the end, too! Thanks for makin’ me think!

    …I definitely saw God more clearly when my dad was in the hospital (which felt like a very uncertain time!) I learned to see Him as my true security and the One I could trust with any kind of pain or emotions I might be feeling. And when I worked at the preschool it felt like an uncertain time because I wasn’t really writing and just confused about where to go with life in general, but I learned to see Jesus in crazy stuff like an overflowed toilet and a frozen car door on the way to work, but at least there was work to go to. 😉 It was a humbling time trying to love and serve as Jesus does, and I feel like my eyes were just opened more to the people around me. It’s a place I need to get back to, because being self-focused is so easy to fall back into and such an awful place to be! Mhmm, girl, now you got me doing some deep introspection, lol. Really good point about seasons of uncertainty and great question. I’ll have to keep mulling on that! Haha.

    But I’m so excited to see all the places this journey will take you and will be praying for you! 😀 It’s gonna be great, and I know God has so much in store for you! Cannot wait to hear all your stories! 🙂


    1. Hey, Lizzie. You know I love when we can get each other mulling. 🙂 Great points. And thanks for your prayers. Really appreciate them and can’t use them up! (And thanks for your unknowing contribution to the post. 😉 )


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