Here I am hours before I have a post due and I have to admit I honestly tried going to bed early. I tried all the excuses about why I should just skip this month’s post. Most of them were quite valid, and it was a most interesting debate, but you can see which me won.

I appreciate the support of everyone who reads my posts here, where I enjoy spilling ink and my heart. Unfortunately, TEI is living up to its name just now.

Emptiness is not in itself a bad thing. God has been showing me lately the necessity of it, actually. I’ve learned that, like a good spring cleaning, sometimes we need to be emptied before we can be put right.

I never thought I’d reach a place where words could not go deep enough. They’ve always been my lifeline. But lately, my manuscript is no longer on my computer’s Recent Documents list, my emails are backed up, and my journals are out of date. Not that there aren’t things to say. There are so many actually. But right now, words are not what’s needed.

Maybe next month I’ll have completed my thoughts for the post I’d planned regarding surfaces, masks, and assumptions. This month, I can’t. This month, I can only admit I’m merely human and in need of prayer.

Y’all have a great March! Hope to see you again here next month.

2 thoughts on “On the Eve of a Deadline

  1. We’ll be praying for you Meagan. I think, once you’re through this dry and empty season, the words will gush forth from you. You won’t be able to get them down fast enough – but you’ll find a way. 🙂 Blessings.


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