I recently sliced the base of my left thumb open. I won’t go into the gory details, but I will say it was less than pleasant and definitely beyond the league of Band-Aids.

My thumb is currently wrapped, strapped, and taped against my index finger so that I won’t move the thumb and open the wound.

20141020_092947So, in operating with one and three-fifths hands, there are some things I simply can’t do as well as I’d like. You should see me trying to tie my hair back. Better yet, you should see my excuse of a ponytail. Playing piano is out of the question. Driving is fine, but with my index finger half as mobile as my thumb, I look like I’m waving to everyone I pass.

But I find, strangely enough, there is one thing I can do with almost no problem: writing. My fingers can hit all the keys without a problem and I’ve finally confirmed my right thumb does all the spacebarring. In fact, I wonder what my left thumb ever did on the keyboard before.

No harm, no foul. I’m grateful my injury wasn’t worse or impairing.

But what if it had been worse?

I am reminded of the times in life when the hard things can’t touch the essentials. When a general inconvenience or a major problem won’t hold us back from what’s important.

Maybe it’s my over-active imagination, but in not being able to use my left hand as much, I’ve been thinking a lot about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack. Surfing was so important to her that she found a way to do it one-armed. What she is able to do with one arm is amazing—just watch her on the current season of the Amazing Race. There’s no holding her back.

As I marvel at the resilience of people who have faced incredible hardships whether physically or otherwise, I in turn ask myself whether I could do the same under such circumstances. Case in point, if I lost an arm, would I still write?

I know I would. One way or another. Because it’s too important to me.

What is the thing in your life that you’d find a way to do regardless of circumstances? Have you ever overcome odds for what you considered important?


What do you consider too important to give up? (Click to tweet.)

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7 thoughts on “Too Important

  1. Eww I hate to hear that about your thumb. I don’t even want to imagine.
    I think I’d find a way to cook and write.
    The only thing I’ve tried to overcome is my fear of heights. Still haven’t done it–if anything, I’ve confirmed it–but I’ve tried.


    1. And trying is the most important part. (Ever considered bungy jumping? My mom says it helped ease her fear of heights. Probably not what you really want to hear. 😉 ) Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Courtney. 🙂


  2. Great post! It’s so true–we make time for what matters to us. Thought-provoking question there at the end, too… I honestly don’t know what I’d have to find a way to do. Probably writing is one of them. It’s too much a part of my personality not to. Have been doing it since I was 8, so it’s how I process and figure out life. 🙂 Maybe singing or music, too… I sing for purely my own reasons–expression of emotion, really. I don’t go a single day without singing some type of song that reflects my mood, which annoys Mackenzie to no end. 😉 Anyway, you’ve obviously caused me to think deep on this! Haha. Thank you for posing the question. Really helps a person see what they value most.


    1. Excellent point about music. I remember reading a quote that said “Never give up on something you can’t live a day without thinking about.” (Or something like that.) I hope you always keep singing “I Believe I Can Fly,” Lizzie!


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