The-Empty-InkwellYou may or may not have noticed an absence of posts here of late. And for that, I refer to my May 21st post, “When the Words Won’t Come.”

A lot of things were happening at once for me, and I had to let some aspects of writing go in order to keep my focus and prevent complete burnout. I needed a break in order to refill so that I could continue to pour out.

In the future, The Empty Inkwell will have a new post once or twice a month. (Wouldn’t want to get tired of TEI, now would we?) Some people enjoy predictability—I do too, to a point—but right now, I’m putting emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

But most exciting, you can expect a greater variety of content. I’ll be spilling ink about

  • life through a writer’s eyes,
  • lessons learned at the end of a pen,
  • ponderings about faith, life, and God–writing related or not!

Let’s just say, life’s about more than writing, so why not write more about life? I’m prepared to get real with you all. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I hope to see you all again soon.

Until then!



“Are you ready for a change? The Empty Inkwell blog is returning soon. Expect exciting changes.” (Click to tweet) 

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